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Palácio Hotel: A Grand & Cosy Home for Royalty in Estoril

Estoril, the playground of European Royalty

Estoril, formerly known as the playground of European royalty, is being discovered by more and more visitors who feel that a trip to Portugal is not complete without a visit to Estoril.


More than sixty years ago Estoril ceased to be just a pine forest, situated along an anonymous and lonely Atlantic beach, to become one of the principle tourist destinations in Europe.


Inaugurated in August 1930, Hotel Palacio surpassed everyone ideas with its conception of luxury and comfort of its facilities, in the true international style.


The Estoril coast is sometimes called the Costa dos Reis, the Coast of Kings.Resisting everything that could contribute to its degradation, the Hotel Palacio benefited, over many years, from the important works of extension, reconversion and renovation, which did not change the classic style that marked the personality of the traditional Hotel with an ambience that is typically European.


Meantime, the list of guests have been successively enriched with individuals of great prestige in the field of politics, of letters, of sciences and of economic and social life.


This place was, after all, the international spy nest of World War II and it is hard to resist poking around, say, in the vacant field where the Hotel do Parque, the Nazi spy headquarters, once stood, to see if one can’t find at least some tiny artefact such as, for example, a bit of microfilm with full details of the Normandy coast.


Estoril, in Portugal, has been known as the home of royalty since the war – Word War II, that is. The whole Estoril-Cascais-Sintra triangle became a haven for more ex-kings, ex-queens, dukes, duchesses, counts and countesses than any other part of the world, since it was neutral and Europe was being devastated. During those days of the war it was also a spy center and intrigue that would flourish in its bars and suites.


The pretender to the French throne has large farm there; the Queen of Bulgaria is in residence; the father of the present King of Spain has a grand villa overlooking the sea; and Hungary, Italy, Albania, Roumania and on and on have refugees living in splendor, who were royal but are refugees now because of the politics at “home” today. One of the most distinguished, and certainly the most sought after, is Umberto, formerly Rei d’Italia.


Portugal’s Estoril Coast, only a twenty minute drive from Lisbon, started to gain European recognition some seventy years ago when the elegant Palácio Hotel in Estoril was built. It has grown in fame during the years and was considered home by several former kings and queens plus a great number of nobility from many countries. Wealthy visitors have bought some of the old manor houses and the international jet set is constantly in attendance, particularly at the Hotel Palácio.


MUVITUR in partnership with Spherea3D company has prepared a 360º computed-based visit to the Palace Hotel Estoril, which allows us to wander through the hotel and in particular by its Royal Gallery exhibition.

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