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Touriseum - South Tyrol Museum of Tourism

In Trauttmansdorff Castle, near Meran, once the holiday residence of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, there is now an entertaining museum experience, the South Tyrol Museum of Tourism, called the 'Touriseum' for short. It is the only museum in the Alps devoted exclusively to the history of tourism.


Scenes from the past are brought alive in a series of rooms which take the visitor on an exciting journey in time through over 200 years of the history of tourism, seen from the point of view of both the traveller and the locals.


It is a charming museum, full of surprises, combining humour with insight, and information with entertainment. Situated in the idyllic Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, this unusual museum will fire the imagination of the visitors.


The Touriseum is stepping into new, virtual worlds: together with Spherea3D, the South Tyrolean Tourism Museum has created a 360º virtual tour of the Touriseum. Most of the exhibition rooms as well as the «South Tyrol game» can be viewed from a wide variety of perspectives from 360 degrees and the special effects in the various locations can be replayed.

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